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Delock Card Reader IDE 40 pin female to Compact Flash

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This Card Reader by Delock enables the application of a Compact Flash card via 40 pin IDE interface. Since this Card Reader is bootable you can also use the it also as HDD and install a operating system. The Card Reader can be plugged directly and horizontal to a free IDE male port of the motherboard without using an additional connecting cable.

• IDE 40 pin to CF Card
• 40 pin 2.54 mm standard IDE female connector
• For Compact Flash type I, type II and Micro-drive
• Master or Slave mode selection
• 2 x mounting holes
• +5 V floppy disk drive power connector
• Supports DMA and Ultra DMA modes. A compatible flash
  media card will be required to use these modes.
• Size: 60 mm x 43 mm

Systémové požadavky
• Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Linux 2.6
• A free IDE 40 pin connector

Obsah balení
• IDE-CF Card Reader

• Poly bag

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