Delock Y cable 2 x USB 2.0 Type-A male > 1 x USB 2.0 Type-A female 20 cm

Item No. 65306
65306 1


This USB Y cable by Delock enables the connection between devices with a USB Type-A port and a PC or laptop with to free USB ports. The second, red USB plug is used to provide additional power to devices that consume a lot of power, such as external hard drives or USB hubs.


  • Connectors:
    1 x USB 2.0 Type-A male (data and power) +
    1 x USB 2.0 Type-A male (power) >
    1 x USB 2.0 Type-A female
  • Cable gauge:
    28 AWG data line
    24 AWG power line
  • Cable diameter:
    Data cable ca. 4.5 mm
    Power cable ca. 3.0 mm
  • Cable double shielded
  • Data transfer rate up to 480 Mb/s
  • Colour: black / red
  • Length incl. connectors: ca. 20 cm

System requirements

  • PC or laptop with two free USB Type-A ports

Package content

  • USB cable


  • Zip poly bag

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