Keystone - The modular connection system

Everywhere one is confronted with connections that are difficult to reach, be it on the back of the PC, on TVs or on a stereo system. What is required here is an attachment or connection option that is within easy reach. When laying extension cables and connection devices, the same problem exists: suitable connections are needed in suitable locations.

This is exactly where the DELOCK Keystone System comes into play. It…

.... serves as a connection system for all possible wirings
... offers various mounting options for terminals on cables and fixes routed cables
... offers a fast and simple solution for every connection task
.... serves as a connection system for all possible wirings
... offers various mounting options for terminals on cables and fixes routed cables
... offers a fast and simple solution for every connection task

The Keystone system can be adjusted for many different purposes. With more than 70 modules with 20 different connections, it offers an interface array that solves almost every connection problem. In addition, there are different covers, housings, panels and attachments.

Some advantages

Easy to assemble

Using a snap-in attachment, the modules are simply inserted into the mounting. Since the modules are equipped with double jacks, the assembly of the cable is possible without screwing or soldering.

A Mount the module with the latch below
B Snap-in the module with the hook above
C Ready!

Individual configurations

Whether there are 4, 6 or more ports: patch panel and attachments can be fitted as desired – depending on the requirements profile, almost any conceivable combination can be realized with the Keystone System.

Flexible and replaceable

The connection requirements have changed? No problem: The port remains; only the corresponding module is removed and replaced by the desired one.

Application areas of the Keystone System

The modular connection system can be used in many areas to achieve the best connection solution in an intelligent and flexible way: for example, in the network installation, in a smart home environment(effiziente Vernetzung von Haushaltsgeräten und -elektronik sowie Beleuchtung), in the workshop, the laboratory and the industry.

Application examples: The Keystone house

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For example, for home entertainment systems (speakers / TV connection) with Keystone housing 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 ports, cable routing 90°, 180°, 270° or flush-mounted
For example, for network or house automation with Keystone 10” patch panel, 12 ports, for mounting in 10" cabinets | Keystone attachment for top-hat rails, 1 port, with or without grounding | Keystone hat-top rail attachment
For example, to be placed on desks to increase the number of PC connections, and for peripherals such as scanners, printers; with Keystone connection jack, 2 ports, 45° insertion angle of the modules & dust protection | multimedia panel attachment 6 ports, for the assembly on tables, furniture, walls, angle of 45° | Keystone attachment for the insertion of devices, 1 port

Please note

Some Keystone mountings can only be used with "narrow" modules. So you have to consider the width of the module when choosing the appropriate mounting. As an orientation guide serves the table showing the width of all modules and mountings to have a look at it.


... DELOCK is also a strong partner for special projects due to its own developments in the Keystone area. For example, only DELOCK offers:

RJ45 Secure, the module with integrated safety mechanism (item 86404  + tool item 86411)
The attachment for the insertion in devices and furniture, popular, for example, in the maker scene (item 86213)
The Easy USB module as the first universal Easy USB double jack (item 86368  + item 86353)
The DC module, which offers power supply in case of proprietary developments (item 86355)
The modules SMA/RP-SMA jack to SMA/RP-SMA jack, which enable the optimal positioning of antennas for example (item 86365  + item 86356)
The multimedia panel, which can be placed, for example, on office furniture to easily and practically expand their connectivity (item 86268)
The KEYSTONE SYSTEM at a glance