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This set by Delock is used to protect and to insulate cables, electrical tubes or wires.

Choice of different heat shrink tubes and wire connectors
This set contains heat shrink tubes with six different diameters and two different lengths, as well solder wire connectors with four different sizes that can be used in many different ways.

Application of shrink tubes and wire connectors
The heat shrink tubes can be heated with a hot air gun; the hose shrinks to half of its original diameter when heated at a 2:1 shrinkage ratio. With the solder wire connectors, the stripped wires can be simply placed to the solder sleeve, fixed and heated with a heat gun. After cooling, a waterproof insulation forms around the solder joint and ensures a strong connection of the wires. The wire connectors ensure high tensile strength, tear resistance and protect against mechanical damage.

Practical storage box
The handy box is ideal for protecting the shrink tubes and wire connectors, keeping it free of dirt and dust. The box can also be reused to store various tool accessories, such as screws, nuts, etc.

Multifunctional application
The set is ideal for electricians, craftsmen, for repairs of devices at home or in the workshop.


• Content:
  Heat shrink tube:
  80 x diameter 2.0 mm brown, length: ca. 50 mm
  35 x diameter 4.0 mm green, length: ca. 50 mm
  16 x diameter 6.0 mm yellow, length: ca. 50 mm
  25 x diameter 8.0 mm red, length: ca. 50 mm
  15 x diameter 13.0 mm blue, length: ca. 80 mm
  12 x diameter 18.0 mm white, length: ca. 80 mm
  Solder wire connectors:
  50 x AWG: 26 - 24, transparent
  40 x AWG: 22 - 18, red
  20 x AWG: 16 - 14, blue
  15 x AWG: 12 - 10, yellow
• Shrinkage ratio 2:1
• Shrinking temperature: 125 °C ~ 150 °C
• Solder melting temperature: 138 °C
• Material: polyolefin
• Box dimensions (LxWxH): ca. 196 x 132 x 41 mm

Package content

• Heat shrink tube with solder wire connector box


• Box

Technical characteristics
Shrinking temperature
• 125 °C ~ 150 °C
Shrinkage ratio
• 2:1
Physical characteristics
• polyolefin
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