The NSS connector - Safety for mobile racks and electrical contacts

Why NSS?

If hard disc drives are often put into the mobile rack and removed again, the contacts wear off over time. Now the special NSS connector was developed to prevent this risk. It enables a change rate up to 50.000 mating cycles and is patented.

The disassembled NSS connector makes the spring visible
The disassembled NSS connector makes the spring visible

Example: Integral NSS connector in mobile rack

Disconnection of the HDD connected with the mobile rack takes places in two steps: Initially, there is a the electrical separation by the spring mechanism within the connector. Then there is a mechanical separation by the lever mechanism within the mobile rack, see b. Now the HDD can be removed from the rack.

Up to 50.000 mating cycles

The problem of conventional SATA connectors

The connection of common SATA connectors with the HDD or respectively with the contact points of a mobile rack generates friction forces. After several plug-ins the contacts can be scratched whereby HDDs can easily be damaged so there is the risk of data loss.

inflexible structure

The advantage of NSS connectors

The improved SATA connectors stand out due to their fixed-point contacts with the HDD. The original friction point is shifted to the interior of the connector, thus the HDD connector pins cannot get damaged anymore. Additionally, while inserting the HDD into the connector, the spring mechanism absorbs friction forces. So the HDD will be connected smoothly with the rack.

spring structure