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Delock Slotbracket eSATApd 1x port 5 V / 12 V

This slot bracket by Delock enables you to extend your PC by one external Power Over eSATA port. Thus you can connect different devices with eSATApd, eSATAp, eSATA or standard USB interface. The eSATApd port provides a voltage supply of 5 V and 12 V so that you can also connect 2.5 and 3.5 HDD by using special Delock products like e.g. eSATAp cable or docking station. The included cable is made for internal connection.  
• Connector: external: 1x Power Over eSATA Dual (eSATApd) 
                        internal: 1x 4 pin floppy power connector 
                                        1x SATA 7 pin 
                                        1x 9 pin USB pinheader male 
• Voltage: eSATApd 5 V and 12 V
System requirement 
• PC with a free slot 
• A free internal SATA port 
• A free internal USB pinheader port
Package content 
• Slotbracket eSATApd
• Floppy power cable to 4 pin Molex
• SATA 7 pin cable
• USB pinheader cable

• Delock poly bag 

Data sheet (English)
164.89 kB
Data sheet (German)
108.36 kB
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