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Delock Converter IDE 40 Pin > 2 x SATA HDD

Číslo produktu 61664
Popis This converter by Delock enables you to connect 2 SATA HDDs via 40 pin IDE interface. The converter can be easily plug onto the 40 pin male port of your mainboard and does not require any driver installation. Furthermore the SATA HDDs can be set to Master and Slave.

Note: 2 SATA HDDs need to be connected!
          - When using the 2 SATA HDD in Slave-mode, please arrange the setting in the Bios.
          - When using the 2 SATA HDD in Master-mode, the jumper needs to be set accordingly.

Specifikace • Connectors: IDE 40 pin female > SATA 7 pin
• Supports ATA 100/133
• SATA HDD setting for Master and Slave
• No driver required

Systémové požadavky • Mainboard with 40 pin IDE male connector

Obsah balení • Converter

Balení • Poly bag

When has the Jumper to be set? SATA HDDs do not have any jumper settings in general. The converter acts as IDE HDD. If you want to add more IDE HDDs, the system needs to know if the converter should operate as Master or Slave.
The jumper setting is not related to the connected SATA HDD.
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